About Us

Why choose Getley Paulsen General Insurance Services?
Our general Insurance team is both passionate and accomplished at providing the right advice and insurance solutions for our clients. Our processes ensure we have correctly outlined the specific needs of each client and all recommendations are based on this information. We continue to successfully meet and exceed our clients’ expectations through our approachable and yet professional attitude.
We recognize that the success of our business starts with the relationships we form with our clients.

The Getley Paulsen Insurance Philosophy
The General Insurance Services business division of the Getley Paulsen Group is committed to researching, creating and implementing insurance solutions specific to the individual needs of our clients.

The importance of protecting your assets
Protecting our clients’ assets is our primary focus. Whether it is your home, car, business or income the loss of any of these assets could have a distressing effect on your future plans and wealth creation strategies. A properly structured and implemented insurance programme will provide you with piece of mind knowing that in times of trouble your future will be protected.

Our aim is to work with you in devising an insurance programme that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations – both with the cover provided and the cost of implementation.

We endeavour to provide advice free of insurance jargon to ensure you have a complete understanding of the cover you have selected. We act on your behalf to provide:

• Advice on risk improvement solutions
• A comprehensive insurance programme
• A cost effective package to suit your profile

Mark Read

General Insurance Manager
Resilium Insurance Broking Pty Ltd.

Mark has been involved in the insurance industry for over 30 years, 25 of which running the General Insurance operations of Getley Paulsen. Mark’s experience is wide and varied across all aspects of the insurance market. Whilst most of his time is spent managing his core group of corporate clients - he does provide advice across the whole insurance spectrum. Mark has served on a number of insurance industry advisory boards over the years and as a director on another independent wholesale brokerage.

Kale Mitchell

Account Manager
Resilium Insurance Broking Pty Ltd

Kale has worked in the insurance industry for 20 years in a variety of roles, including a senior account executive at an international broking firm. Kale has been a member of the Getley Paulsen team for 13 years. Kale has a comprehensive knowledge of all things insurance and detailed knowledge of insurance markets and policy wordings. Kale’s greatest strength however is his dedication to his customer and high level of customer service.

Therese Viney

Client Services Officer
Resilium Insurance Broking Pty Ltd

Tess has been a member of the Getley Paulsen team for 15 years and is a valuable member of our admin team across all areas of the insurance business. Tess has significant experience in both commercial and personal insurance.

Sarah Schwartz

Administration and Compliance Manager

Sarah has been associated with Getley Paulsen for nearly 20 years (with a couple of breaks along the way during maternity leave). Sarah has worked in every part of our team, from insurance broking to administration. Sarah these days focuses the majority of her time around management and administration of the Workers Compensation portfolio and heading up our robust compliance regime.

Matthew Swinburne

Claims Manager
Resilium Insurance Broking Pty Ltd

Matthew began his career working for a large insurer in the claims area before transitioning to an insurance broking role in claims management. Having worked for a number of years for both the insurer and then the customer, gives him a unique understanding of the policy wordings and how to manage customer outcomes and expectations. Matthew is responsible for overseeing all aspects of claims from lodgement to settlement and provides proactive claims assistance.